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Why I focus on technical seo as consultant

The beginning of the year when I ended Directlyrics, it opened up time to take on projects in the role as consultant. Given my decade long experience with SEO, I reached out to several companies about my availability, and it became clear there is still high demand in finding organic growth. I knew from earlier experience as freelance consultant, I had to be sure to position myself correctly, or I would end up writing blog posts for a living. While nothing wrong with writing content, for me that is too operational as a professional activity, but also way too competitive as a service. There will always be someone else writing blogs, cheaper. But also operational activities have no end-date. As an agency that might be a great way to generate long term revenue (done by junior employees), but my time can only be spend once. Better to spend it wisely, and focus on high impact. And so Build was born.

The way to go was to position myself as a technical SEO consultant (I so want to link those words to my professional website, but I will behave). Many aspects are becoming more and more technical. And with my background and experience, focusing on the technical parts would be not only most interesting to me, but also as competitive advantage for myself, and for my clients. Helping me position my work in a more premium segment as consultant.

Technical SEO includes many of the advanced opportunities in the SERP by triggering rich snippets, knowledge panels, and many of the industry specific one-boxes (like Q&A results). But also site speed, optimising indexing, content discovery, reliability and even UX. All these aspects are moving parts to win more positions in the search results, and grow traffic. I explain more about this here (Dutch).

Next to that, with my focus, I know better what to write about on my blog. Like this post about the new favicons in the mobile SERP (with praise from John Mu and Cyrus Shepard) and my more expert long-read theories about ranking.

In the few hours left, I even had some time to create and launch a new side project: A free online birthday calendar. No big plans, but after getting over 100 questions from Mailbook users if I could add birthday data, I spun out the project from Mailbook, and launched it as an independent website. A great way to continue having those 'in the zone' coding moments, while my consultancy focuses on higher level strategic and technical work. A happy combination.

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