Some final year stats after this - more or less - successful year. Over 17,000,000 ads were shown (yes, those are 6 zeros) resulting in around a x digit income. Kiesjestudie.nl was launched, and shows some nice growth, and more important, good feedback (with some criticism) about the site. Knowing that the head of the ministry of education knows about your site is also a fun fact. On the subject check their project out: http://www.studiekeuze123.nl/. Semi-competition is always good.

Seeing people involved and using your developed product is nice. And it is one of my top projects. Perfect in SEO, function, and content. Working on something like Institution Location made me a master in javascript, geolocating, and a more then frequent visitor of the google api help guide.

Next year I’ll have to see what to do. I will be looking for nice projects to develop (full projects from AJAX, CSS to SEO and marketing). Some contacts have already been made. My thoughts are on non-commercial projects. To do something back to the ‘world’. In a quick brainstorm it would be something like a platform where people who have voluntary projects to advertise/market it to a bigger audience through this platform. (creating global/local awareness about something we don’t see daily).

So on to 2006, let it be good for all. I’ll be spending some of the ‘click-money’ in the mountains of Swiss next week.

For the record, I also managed to get some ECTS in univeristy.

Wow, I should learn how to write. This is painful for the brains to read

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