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SEO at TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, Fandom and Spotify

A great way to keep on learning about your field of expertise is by looking into what others are doing in your industry. Luckily for SEO most of the activity can be exposed from the outside: links, content, technical setup, rankings and smart tricks.

So this month I took some time to dive into the web's biggest SEO's successes to find out if I could learn anything from them. And to make it more fun to read, I call out any issues and I end with my opinion on their effort.

The latest properties reviewed:

  • TikTok: Their growth is mind blowing.
  • Netflix: Lots of opportunity.
  • Pinterest: One of the biggest (lasting) organic successes.
  • Spotify: Has some work to do.
  • Fandom: Endless content wins.
  • Uber Eats: Understanding the value of SEO
  • Coinbase, TripAdvisor, DotDash, ClassPass, LinkedIn
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