Got myself some gadgets...

Today I felt like spending some money and that brought me to buy a home cinema projector (CONTRAST 5000:1, 1100 ANSI-LUMEN, HD RES) and with that an Xbox360. And WOW, thats crazy cool.

If you bring A DVD or XBOX game you can come and watch or play on my new 3 meter screen.

And Microsoft did a great job on the Xbox. I don’t have games yet, and was hoping for build-in WiFi, but having the Xbox (with the full screen HD projector) control your media files on your computer works! And easy! No weird settings, all plug-and-play, and within a minute I am listening to some album on my PC, through the local network, via the Xbox to my stereo, controlled on the toilet remotely. Take that…

Update: Okay, I have to get back on the Xbox… somehow it has some big ass glitches: sync (video: audio) with playing DVDs is almost always wrong! Xbox live? It has never really worked with need for speed. It has no good connection, and it freezes up. And last but not least, when playing a DVD in HDTV format you get some weird stripes throughout every movie you try to play.

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