Create your own Tag Cloud - Easy!

For a website - that wanted to be very web 2.0 - I had to create a tag cloud like this on del.liou.us or at flickr. People think they are cool and useful, so who am I to disagree?! Why re-invent the wheel every time, when we have the internet as an unlimited source for code stealing examples.

So as part III of my coding-give-aways* (I,II) I give you:

The Tag Cloud Creator

1) make a $variable with all the words you want in your tag cloud.

2) grab this php example file that is only 30 lines in size (you can use it any way you want)

3) include it somewhere on your site, upload it to your server and - if you are not the dumbest nerd - you should get something like this:

Digg.com - as search cloud or try it on other sites.

5) now you have created your own tag cloud to use for a searchengine, photoarchive, or whatever you want.
So have fun, and tell your social community friends.

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