Awareness Project

Today the website millionsoulsaware.org has been launched. Millionsoulsaware.org is a not for profit project that has the mission to raise awareness by featuring an article on an important topic that needs attention. Millionsoulsaware.org doesn’t ask for donations, but asks you to spread the word. The millionsoulsaware.org goal is to get one million souls aware on the current subject: Refugee camps worldwide.


The upcoming weeks I will be promoting this in the web community and hope to reach the goal of a million souls aware within several weeks. I’ve added ‘ads’ of the project to my adsense alternate ad code, and ask websites that are reading this to look at it and try it out: help raise awareness on a important topic and no more blank ads on your site. If you have a blog you might wanna try writing about something actual important.

If you have time to read this, make some time to also read the article. Awareness is the starting point for a better world. Thank you.

UPDATE 21 April 2007: Millionsoulsaware.org is going at a good pace! The counter is over 11,000 souls aware after three weeks, but we already reached a 1 million goal because the banner (above) is being downloaded almost 1 million times a day (!). With help of my lyrics site friends. Click through rate is low, but we’ll get there…

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