iPhone Photo Filters

A free online tool to download your iPhone photos with filters

Apple's iOS7 native photo filter implementation is a nightmare for Windows users. The filters disappear when accessing the photos on the iPhone. This tool finally brings a solution.

Convert and download your photos to their full size filtered version below.

We use Dropbox to easily access your iPhone photos from the cloud. Either download the filtered photo to your hard drive, or save the filtered photo to your Dropbox.

Click the "Choose from Dropbox" button to select the photos in Dropbox for which you want to have the filters applied.


The best setup is to allow Dropbox to sync all your photos with your iOS device. That way it's easy to quickly use this tool to download your filtered photos.

Regarding privacy: I don't save or access any of your photos. This script is client-side only, implying all the magic happens in browser and on Dropbox.

Note: your photo might be resized with the shortest dimension equal to a maximum of 2048 pixels. For reference the iPhone 5s photos shortest dimension is 2448 pixels.

Todo: uploading photos directly is not yet possible due to Dropbox's API and most browser file size limitations.

Background: Dropbox's thumbnail generator knows how to handle photo filters. So we use that feature to create a full size thumbnail of your image, which has your filter applied to it.

A project by YS using the Dropbox API.