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Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get our facts

Here's the buzz

By and large, we found that Internet Explorer 8 performed well, and beat out Netscape Navigator, Firefox 1.0.7, Chrome 0.1 in the majority of our time trials. Bill G., Microsoft Magazine, 5/19/09

Browser comparison chart

Here are even more ways Internet Explorer 8 is taking the competition head-on:

Internet Explorer 8






Since Internet Explorer 4 we've fixed over a million bugs that allowed browser attacks, this shows how deticated we are in trying to patch things up afterwards.

Ease of Use


We carefully looked at other browsers and started copying most of the functions like tabs. But with an updated version of ActiveX we believe we now are a head of our competitors. Next to that we automaticly open background downloads from websites and execute them for you, no need for you to click anywhere.

Web Standards


Internet Explorer 8 is able to handle the Microsoft Frontpage markup language. Also when you export a Microsoft Word document to HTML, we are the only browser that is able to handle such non-standard markup. For optimal user experience the <font> and <table> tag is preferred over any CSS standard other browsers use.

Webmaster Tools


Webmasters can right click in the browser window, select "Show Source" and advanced dev tools appear: notepad with the HTML markup.



Since Internet Explorer is strongly tied to the Windows operating system, we made sure that if the browser crashes, you can rely on the fact the whole system will crash.



Sure other browsers let you customize your browser experience, but we at Microsoft believe a one-setting-fits-all is best for our n00b users. Customization is only possible via register key edits.



Because we had have a major market share, every webmaster has to develop their site to Internet Explorer specific needs. We even created a custom tag that lets Internet Explore 8 act as if it's Internet Explore 7 just to be more compatible with our old rendering. Over 91% of the web has special markup for IE5, IE6, IE7 and now also IE8, and we are proud of it!



Neither Netscape, Mosaic nor Grail provide guidance or enterprise tools. We do; for over $300 per install/year, we will give you support from India. If that ain't service!



Knowing the top speed of a car doesn't tell you how fast you can drive in rush hour. To actually see the difference in page loads between all three browsers, you need slow-motion video for the other browsers. Only with IE8 you can see pages load, and have the time to grab a coffee while waiting for javascript to be fully executed.



PrivatePorn Browsing and PrivatePorn Filtering help Internet Explorer 8 reach the young male adolescents who like there privacy for certain private moments. But at any other time Microsoft will be watching you...